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The Q Team

Ty Beaudry

Regional Manager, VP | NMLS ID#267656

Branch: Yakima
(509) 930-6549

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Ron Thomas

Regional Manager, VP | NMLS ID#184658

Branch: Spokane
(509) 216-3333

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Chad Thomas

Regional Manager, VP | NMLS ID#190015

Branch: Spokane Valley

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Katie Gaumer

Branch Manager | NMLS ID#180250

Branch: Tri-Cities
(509) 554-2611

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Tony Andrews

Branch Manager | NMLS ID#1732628

Branch: Yakima

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Justin Kubicek

Branch Manager | NMLS ID#1418484

Branch: Denver
(720) 771-7288

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Jessica Randall

Team Thomas Production Manager | NMLS ID#1280893

Branch: Spokane

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Kalvin Thomas

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2098382

Branch: Spokane
(509) 868-3505

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Michael Quacquarini

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#190092

Branch: Spokane

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Mandy Carstensen

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2320267

Branch: Spokane

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Jeff Underwood

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2369681

Branch: Spokane
(509) 342-1312

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Tygra Monk

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1982170

Branch: Spokane
(509) 998-0679

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Molly Miller

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#149327

Branch: Spokane

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Jacob Miller

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2313397

Branch: Spokane
(509) 953-0872

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Pedro Garcia

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1213234

Branch: Yakima

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Fenja Swope

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#253977

Branch: Yakima

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Preston Froula

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2092118

Branch: Yakima
(509) 654-6466

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Bryon Ross

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2182300

Branch: Yakima
(509) 593-0522

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Ally Thomas

Team Chad Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1870112

Branch: Spokane Valley
(509) 294-2465

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Miranda Cypher

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2309635

Branch: Yakima
(509) 949-0490

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Peyton Long

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2322619

Branch: Yakima
(509) 961-0417

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Stephanie Search

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1270734

Branch: Tri-Cities
(509) 430-2847

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Veronica Quintanilla

Sr. Loan Officer | NMLS ID#192202

Branch: Tri-Cities
(509) 942-8940

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Landie Chappell

Business Development | NMLS ID#188489

Branch: Spokane
(509) 991-1009

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Michele Villarreal

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1857742

Branch: Tri-Cities
(509) 778-1394

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Jason Keever

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1737484

Branch: Denver
(336) 688-2611

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Kelly St Mary

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#119497

Branch: Yakima
(509) 949-2629

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Stephen Erp

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1634614

Branch: Denver
(612) 360-3304

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Jason Hansen

Business Development | NMLS ID#9417

Branch: Spokane
(509) 953-8866

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