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The Q Team

Marcus Vogt

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1394040

Branch: Spokane
(509) 481-1766

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Ron Thomas

Regional Manager, VP | NMLS ID#184658

Branch: Spokane
(509) 216-3333

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Jessica Randall

Team Lead | NMLS ID#1280893

Branch: Spokane

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Molly Rainer

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#149327

Branch: Spokane

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Michael Quacquarini

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#190092

Branch: Spokane

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Tygra Monk

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#1982170

Branch: Spokane
(219) 777-9282

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Landie Chappell

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#188489

Branch: Spokane

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Laura Barrett

Loan Officer | NMLS ID#2097866

Branch: Spokane
(775) 742-0183

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